Voice of the Customer Responses

Date: 24th Feb 2020
Posted by: BRIJ MADAN


For Voice of the Customer responses, technology notwithstanding, there is still NOTHING TO BEAT out the one-on-one qualitative interview with customer and channel respondents to elicit essential feedback on customer satisfaction, brand standing, competitive position, grievances, service feedback and far more…


Compared to when I was a young graduate carrying out global customer interviews for clients on a rotary dial phone (remember those!), things have vastly changed in the ways and means companies get voice of the customer feedback. From instant texts on customer surveys to social media bombarding, there is a constant endeavor to seek customer opinions. However, the detail that is garnered from expert interviews through third party independent interviewing programs, remains an invaluable survey method that can unveil essential feedback on a company’s standing with its customers.


SpecialtyResearch.net senior staff will be at the 2020 Work Truck and ConExpo trade shows. Let us discuss how we implement client surveys that provide high quality responses to know the thoughts


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