Snowplow and Spreader Manufacturing in North America


Market assessment of the snowplow and spreader manufacturing industry in the United States and Canada, focused on plows and spreaders designed for use with trucks.’s directive was to provide an industry evaluation on the manufacture of snowplows and spreaders in the United States and Canada.

The market assessment included identification of all competitors; market sizing; competitive positions and market shares for leading manufacturers; location, ownership details, employee count, and factory size where available, by competitor; geographic coverage, whether national or regional; and estimated five-year forecasts—based on a consensus of interview participant feedback.

Products covered were snowplows and spreaders. Snowplows were sorted by blade width, design (straight vs. V configuration) and by material used in construction (steel and poly). Spreaders were broken out by spreader type (hopper v. tailgate), by hopper capacity and by material used in construction (steel, stainless steel and poly).

In addition to total estimated US and Canadian shipments of snowplows and spreaders, unit and dollar estimates of shipments were made for each identified manufacturer/fabricator.

Market sizes for each competitor were broken out by product type and by design, material and blade width/hopper capacity. Geographic coverage of each manufacturer—whether national or regional—is indicated.

The assessment also included the current state of the market, demand drivers and constraints, and the industry outlook/forecast, growth—based on the consensus of interviews.



  • Telephone interviews with executives at snow equipment manufacturers, and with selected distributors of the major players in the US and Canada.
  • Trade show visits for person-to-person contact.
  • Secondary research in the form of close perusals of company news, SEC filings for public corporations, product offerings, product literature and deep internet mining.
  • Email questionnaires to supplement the phone interviews mentioned above.