Multi-Client Projects

Multi-client projects are initiated by SRN by proposing a title on a topic that represents a common interest for clients in different segments of the Global Transportation Industry. We leverage our industry expertise and experience to determine the subject and scope of the study, and promote it during work-in-progress stages towards completion.

Advantages of participating in Multi-Client Research: We agglomerate and define fragmented product/markets to present a comprehensive analysis of many segments that need defining into an “industry whole”. For example, truck bodies comprise of numerous individual products but need to be drawn together for those manufacturers (chassis, component, accessory and equipment), that serve the entire spectrum. Research Methodology.

These projects require considerable advance planning and are best if pre-proposed to “anchor” clients at substantial Early Bird pricing to assist in advancing the work, requiring engagement of multiple analysts.

We offer substantial pre-publication discounts for clients that assist us in getting a project off the ground by participating in initial subscription.

Customizing the research to meet a client’s specific added scope (at additional consulting fee)