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World Aircraft Tow Tractor Manufacturing

Publication Date: Jul 2014
Market Size, Shares & Analysis

Aircraft towing tractors (conventional/towbar and towbarless) are an important part of the airport ground support equipment industry. These specially designed low-profile vehicles perform the functions of pushing back an aircraft from its gate, towing the aircraft between its hangar and gate, and towing for maintenance purposes. Aircraft towing tractors have been designed to tow a wide range of aircraft, from small/narrow-bodied regional aircraft to wide-bodied aircraft such as Airbus’s A380, which as a MTOW (maximum take-off weight) in excess of 1,300,000 lbs.
The report analyzes and puts into a structured format, “who is who” in the business of manufacturing aircraft towing tractors on a global basis. This project involved examination of nearly one-hundred companies in virtually all countries in North America and Europe, as well as those in the developed and emerging economies in the Asia Pacific region, to arrive at a final list of 41 identifiable players that are bona fide manufacturers of aircraft towing tractors.
The study examines the industry by production in unit volumes and dollar values, towing capacities, and future product outlook, including key product/technological innovations. The report provides segregated market data, competitive shares and leadership positions for small, medium and large conventional and towbarless towing tractors, to reflect more accurately the market dynamics and forces at play in each segment.

Key future drivers of the aircraft tow tractor industry include:

  • Increased air transportation across the Asia Pacific region (especially the markets in China and India), the Middle East, and the up-coming economies in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Replacement of aging equipment in Europe and North America
  • Increased propensity for environmentally friendly tow tractors due to increasingly stringent emission norms

These and other aspects of this analysis are highlighted in this report by The report can be put to immediate use for global M&A research, market size identification, sales planning, country/region strategizing, competitive share analysis, and potential alliances through licensing or technology transfer agreements.

A. Preface
B. Scope & Methodology
C. Product Definitions & Technology
  C.1 Product Types  
    C.1.1 Conventional Towbar Tractors
    C.1.2 Towbarless Tractors
  C.2 Conventional versus Towbarless Tractors  
  C.3 Environmental Concerns  
    C.3.1 Electric Aircraft Tow Tractors
    C.3.2 Hybrid Aircraft Tow Tractors
  C.4 New Aircraft Tow Tractor Models  
    C.4.1 Bliss-Fox Airport Tractors
    C.4.2 JBT AeroTech
    C.4.3 Schopf Maschinenbau
    C.4.4 Trepel Airport Equipment GmbH
  C.5 New Technology
    C.5.1 TaxiBot
    C.5.2 eTaxi – EGTS
    C.5.3 WheelTug
D. Industry Overview
  D.1 M&A Activity & Alliances  
    D.1.1 Douglas Equipment Ltd.
    D.1.2 GHH Fahrzeuge
    D.1.3 Goldhofer
    D.1.4 Lektro
    D.1.5 LifTow Ltd.
    D.1.6 Shenzhen Techking Industry Co., Ltd
    D.1.7 Sovam SAS
    D.1.8 TLD
    D.1.9 Tronair
    D.1.10 Xinfa Airport Equipment Ltd.
  D.2 Industry Structure  
    D.2.1 Size & Characteristics
    D.2.2 Top Ten
  D.3 Profitability Analysis  
    D.3.1 Curtiss Wright – Flow Control
    D.3.2 JBT Corp. – JBT AeroTech
    D.3.3 Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment Co.
E. Market Analysis
  E.1 Channels
  E.2 Market Size
    E.2.1 Market Size: 2006 to 2012
    E.2.2 Market Size: 2013
  E.3 Market Shares
  E.4 Market Analysis by Product Type
    E.4.1 Conventional Tractors
      E.4.1.1 Competitive Positions
      E.4.1.2 Small Conventional Tractors
      E.4.1.3 Medium Conventional Tractors
      E.4.1.4 Large Conventional Tractors
    E.4.2 Towbarless Tractors
      E.4.2.1 Competitive Positions
      E.4.2.2 Small Towbarless Tractors
      E.4.2.3 Medium Towbarless Tractors
      E.4.2.4 Large Towbarless Tractors
F. Analysis by Geographic Region
  F.1 Region Classification  
  F.2 Production Estimates by Region  
G. Market Outlook
  G.1 Demand Drivers  
  G.2 Projected Market Size  
H. Manufacturer Data
I. Manufacturer Profiles (41 companies profiled*)

*Contact us for a list of all companies profiled.

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