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Van Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America

Publication Date: Mar 2018
Size, Shares, Segmentation, Competitors, Channels, Trends, and Outlook Underlying the Manufacture of Van Truck/Bodies
2017 – 2022 Analysis & Outlook


Parcel Delivery, Dry Freight, Refrigerated/Insulated, Walk-in & Curtainside Van Truck/Bodies


Now includes Excel data tables!

This report is a rigorous investigation and analysis of North American manufacturers and markets for commercial van bodies mounted on cutaway chassis, strip chassis and medium/heavy truck cab chassis.


Parcel Delivery Vans (PDVs)
Dry Freight (Box) Vans
Refrigerated/Insulated Vans
Walk-in Vans (Stepvans)
Curtainside Vans


49 manufacturers analyzed and aggregated into an analytical framework to define the business of van body fabrication.
A nearly $2 billion industry—largest single vocational truck/body segment

Van body fabricators are on the cusp of the consumer-led growth in residential deliveries. This single factor is changing a once-staid business of undifferentiated box-like products into an industry that requires a solutions approach and innovative thinking on design and functionality. New demands such as last-mile delivery of fresh and frozen foods, multi-compartment fridge/freezer and dry goods combinations, are impact factors that are changing the landscape for the diverse manufacturers of van bodies in North America.
Near-term, ready-made cargo vans such as Sprinter are providing vigorous competition at lower load ranges. Further into the future, developments in drones touted by Amazon and traditional delivery services such as UPS may loom, but competitive impact is a sheer speculation at this point. Accordingly, vehicle-based deliveries, whether truck vans or ready vans, will see significant growth with the unrelenting underlying trend to residential deliveries.

About The Report

The report provides a vista view of this vocational segment, difficult-to-analyze due to extreme fragmentation. Many small players at local/regional level participate successfully in this activity, but complicate the market size and competitive analysis picture, compared to the handful of national manufacturers.
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1 Scope
2 Product Types
2.1 Parcel Delivery Van Bodies (“PDVs”)
2.2 Dry Freight Van Bodies
2.3 Refrigerated/Insulated Van Bodies
2.4 Walk-in Van Bodies
2.5 Curtainside Vans
3 Market Size Estimates – Units & Dollars 2017
3.1 Market Size: By Chassis Class
3.2 Market Size Estimates: Historical – 2012 – 2016
4 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars
4.1 Manufacturers by Type
4.2 Manufacturers’ Product Mix
4.3 Market Shares: All
4.4 Market Shares: By Chassis Class
5 Market Shares: By Body Type
5.1 Parcel Delivery Van Bodies
5.1.1Parcel Delivery Van Bodies: By Chassis Class
5.2 Dry Freight Van Bodies
5.2.1 Dry Freight Van Bodies: By Chassis Class
5.3 Refrigerated/Insulated Van Bodies
5.3.1 Refrigerated/Insulated Van Bodies: By Chassis Class
5.4 Walk-In Van Bodies
5.4.1 Walk-In Van Bodies: By Chassis Class
5.5 Curtainside Van Bodies
5.5.1 Curtainside Van Bodies: By Chassis Class
6 Market Analysis
6.1 Average Price
6.2 Distribution Channels
7 Market Dynamics & Demand Factors
7.1 New Entrants
7.2 Refrigerated/Insulated Vans
7.3 Walk-in Vans
7.4 Alternative Fuel Technology
8 Outlook 2018 – 2022
9 Production by Region
10  Key Manufacturer Data
10.1 Key Manufacturer Data: Alphabetical Order
10.2 Key Manufacturer Data: Rank Order – Units
11  Manufacturer Profiles (49 companies profiled*)

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