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Van Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America 2024

Publication Date: Apr 2024
Market Size, Competitive Shares, Trends & Outlook


2023 Data, 2024 Outlook, 5‑Year Forward Forecasts
and 5‑Year History


Comprehensive analysis of over 40 fabricators of van truck/bodies in the United States and Canada



  • $2.7+ billion fabrication industry
  • Competitor shares broken out in units and dollars for all 40+ identified manufacturers
  • Market size and shares by van truck/body type – parcel delivery, dry-freight, refrigerated/insulated, walk‑in and curtainside
  • Market size and shares by chassis type – cutaway, cab chassis and strip chassis
  • Market size and shares by chassis class – light-duty (up to Class 3), medium-duty (Class 4-6) and heavy-duty (Class 7)
  • Recent developments including electric van penetration
  • Demand Drivers & Forecast 2024 – 2028


Proximity to customers is important in this industry and small, regionally focused players with single facilities compete successfully alongside multi-facility van truck/body manufacturers. It is therefore important to understand the entire picture presented by the 40+ fabricators – not just the top line brand names.
This is the only report of its kind that provides extensive quantification and analysis on all identified manufacturers, to arrive at a realistic assessment of the dynamics of the van truck/body industry.
While supply-chain constraints, included chassis availability and labor shortages eased in 2023, there has been a softening of demand for van truck/bodies from the second half of  2023.

The report can be put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification, and competitive share analysis.


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Scope & Method


Chassis Classes


Product Types


Market Size Estimates


Market Share Estimates


Market Size & Share Estimates – By Van Body Type


Distribution Channels


Recent Developments


EV Penetration


Outlook – 2024-2028


Key Manufacturer Data


Accompanying Excel Database:

Summary: Segment totals – units, dollars & average price

Market Size – by Chassis Class: light-duty, medium-duty & heavy-duty; units, dollars & average price

Market Shares – All: Units, dollars & average price by manufacturer

Market Shares – by Product: Units, dollars & average price by manufacturer by product

Parcel Delivery Vans: Units, dollars & average price by manufacturer

Dry Freight Vans: Units, dollars & average price by manufacturer

Refrigerated Vans: Units, dollars & average price by manufacturer

Walk-in Vans: Units, dollars & average price by manufacturer

Curtainside Vans: Units, dollars & average price by manufacturer

Key Mfr. Data: City, State/Province, Total Employees & Revenue & Ownership

Historical Data: Estimated Units: 2018 – 2022

Outlook: Estimated Units: 2024 – 2028


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