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Tires for Heavy-Duty Class 8 Over-the-Road and Vocational Trucks

Publication Date: Jan 2018


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About The Report

  • Bar none, tires are the most important components on a truck.
  • The focus of this report is on tires for heavy-duty, Class 8 over-the-road and vocational trucks, i.e., trucks with a GVWR of 33,000 pounds and over.
  • Class 8 heavy-duty tires represent only ~10% of the North America (U.S. and Canada) tire market but are the fastest growing segment.

The report looks at:

  • Tire manufacturing technologies, including R&D
  • U.S. truck freight market
  • U.S. truck fleet and motor carrier costs, including tires
  • North American commercial truck production, especially Class 8 trucks
  • Detailed analysis of the Class 8 truck tire market, including production, imports, competitive environment, market shares and supplier  profiles

Report Highlights

  • New industry information never before available
  • Truck tire manufacturing technologies, industry R&D, rules & regulations, standards, Federal government projects and budgets, Chinese collaborations, fuel issues, certifications, new product developments
  • U.S. truck freight market in terms of mode, market share, volume and value of freight shipments, distances moved, products shipped
  • Composition of U.S. truck fleet in terms of registered vehicles, trucks by type and registrations by state
  • Motor carrier operating cost by type, including tires
  • U.S., Canada and Mexico commercial truck production by class
  • North American heavy-duty Class 8 over-the-road and vocational truck production by type (with units provided)
  • Class 8 truck producers’ market shares
  • North American tire market
  • North American Class 8 Original Equipment and aftermarket over-the-road tire market
  • North American Class 8 Original Equipment and aftermarket vocational tire market
  • North American Class 8 Original Equipment and aftermarket over-the-road and vocational tire markets by type (with units and dollar values)
  • Competitive environment
  • U.S. producers
  • Imports
  • China dumping
  • Class 8 tire producers’ market shares
  • Class 8 tire market issues
  • Leading supplier company profiles

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION • Report Objectives • Methodology and Sources • Statistical Notes TIRE TECHNOLOGIES, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT • Purpose of Tires • Physical Characteristics and Uses • Tire Types • Steer • Drive • Trailer • Rims • Retreading • Radial and Bias Designs • Rules and Regulations • TRA Standards • Manufacturing Processes • Research and Development • 21st Century Truck Partnership • 21st Century Truck Partners • Technical Focus Areas • OVT Budget • SuperTruck II • Energy Efficient Mobility Systems • China Clean Energy Research Center • Tires and Fuel Consumption • SmartWay • Vehicle Energy Balances • Tire Rolling Resistance • Single Wide Base Tires • Barriers to Single Wide Base Tires Adoption • Single Wide-Base Tires Adoption Rates U.S. TRUCK FREIGHT MARKET • U.S. Freight Moved by Volume and Mode • U.S. Freight Moved by Value and Mode • U.S. Total Freight Moved by Distance • U.S. Truck Freight Moved by Product Class UNITED STATES LARGE COMMERCIAL TRUCK FLEET • Registered Vehicles • U.S. Large Commercial Truck Fleet by Type • U.S. Large Commercial Truck Fleet by State MOTOR CARRIER COSTS • Carriers Spend on Operating Costs • Cost Issues • Fuel Costs • Equipment Costs • Driver Pay • Marginal Costs • Costs by Type Per Mile • Costs by Type Per Hour • Costs Share by Type • Costs by Carrier Type • Tire Costs • Costs by Region NORTH AMERICA HEAVY-DUTY, CLASS 8 OVER-THE-ROAD AND VOCATIONAL TRUCK PRODUCTION • Truck Classifications • Heavy-Duty, Class 8 Over-the-Road Truck Production • Heavy-Duty, Class 8 Vocational Truck Production • Class 8 Over-the-Road Vs. Vocational Truck Production • Market Shares HEAVY-DUTY, CLASS 8 TRUCK TIRE MARKET • North America Tire Market • Class 8 Tire Production • Over-the-Road vs. Vocational Tire Production • Original Equipment vs. Aftermarket Tire Production • Over-the-Road Original Equipment Tire Production • Over-the-Road Aftermarket Tire Production • Vocational Original Equipment Tire Production • Vocational Aftermarket Tire Production • Vocational Original Equipment Tire Production by Type • Vocational Aftermarket Tire Production by Type • Competitive Environment • U.S. Producers • Imports • China Truck Tire Dumping in U.S. • Market Shares • Class 8 Tire Market Issues COMPANY PROFILES (5 companies profiled)   CONTACT US FOR A FULL LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES.

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