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Shuttle Buses & Intracity Buses in North America

Publication Date: Nov 2019

Competitive Data & Analysis of the Size, Shares, Competitors, Growth, Channels & Trends in the Manufacture & Supply of Buses for Transit, Shuttle, Paratransit & Other Passenger Carrying Applications

2019 Data, 5-Year History, 2020‑2024 Outlook


Report Highlights

  • $4.2 billion bus body fabrication business in North America; 29 fabricators in cutaway, strip chassis & monocoque shuttle bus manufacturing
  • Market size and share breakouts for all participants by bus type – cutaway, strip and integrally manufactured buses
  • Market size and share breakouts by seating capacity and impaired mobility access – wheelchair lift and low floor
  • Market size by fuel type – gasoline, diesel, electric, CNG
  • Market size and share breakouts by market segments – private operators vs. public
  • Electric vehicle growth path, assumptions & forecasts
  • Impact of OE ready-built vans on <15 passenger cutaways
  • Historical trends in market size & market size by seating capacity
  • Growth segments and niches; diversification strategies of leading players
  • Excel tables with units and dollar breakouts by bus type for each manufacturer


About This Report

This report is an invaluable resource for market size and share data, current adoption rates, orders and models in operation in the zero-emission bus segment – an area of growing interest with transit agencies increasingly looking to replace fossil-fuel propelled buses with zero-emission buses.


Use this report to identify market shares of not just the leading players – Forest River Group, the REV Group and the New Flyer Industries Group – but the 20 other fabricators who contribute 45% of this $4.2 billion business.


85% to 90% of integral buses are purchased by public transit agencies. The balance are mainly purchased for applications similar to transit, which include shuttle buses at airport parking lots, universities, national parks and hotel shuttle services.


Ninety-nine percent of integral transit buses are estimated to be handicap-accessible vehicles with wheelchair accessibility, while 65% of body-on-chassis buses manufactured annually are estimated to be ADA-compliant wheelchair-accessible vehicles. ADA-compliant paratransit buses on purchased chassis are mainly purchased by public transit agencies. Over 55% of body-on-chassis buses are estimated to be purchased by public transit agencies.


The North American shuttle bus manufacturing industry has experienced significant activity in the nature of new entrants, changes in ownership, product segment exits, plant closures, new facilities, plant expansions and joint ventures over the last decade.


Transit ridership is expected to increase going forward driven by ageing fleets, ageing population and a growing acceptance of the efficiency of bus rapid transit. Additionally, environmental concerns and new regulations in various states are expected to drive demand for alternative, cleaner propulsion technologies, which in turn is expected to boost demand for new buses.


This database and analysis can be used as an excellent benchmarking tool for identifying strengths, strategies and areas of competence of other market participants, possible acquisition/partnership targets and trends and forecasts for the business.


This is one of the three sections comprising Bus Industry in North America 2019. Other sections available separately are School Bus Manufacturing in North America and Motorcoach/Intercity Bus Industry in North America.




Product Types



Integral/Monocoque Buses



Body-on-Chassis Buses


Market Size Estimates – Units & Dollars 2019



Market Size Estimates: Integral Buses


3.1.1 Market Size Estimates: By Type


3.1.2 Market Size Estimates: By Fuel Type


3.1.2 Market Size Estimates: By Market Segments



Market Size Estimates: Body-on-Chassis Buses


3.2.1 Market Size Estimates: By Seating Capacity


3.2.2 Market Size Estimates: By Floor Type


3.2.3 Market Size Estimates: By Market Segments



Market Size Estimates: By Type by Market Segments



Market Size Estimates: Historical – 2014 – 2018


Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars



Manufacturers by Type



Manufacturers’ Product Mix



Market Shares: All



Market Shares: Integral Vs. Purchased Chassis


Market Shares: By Type



Integral/Monocoque Buses


5.1.1 Integral/Monocoque Buses: Market Shares by Type


5.1.2 Integral/Monocoque Buses: Market Shares by Market Segment



Body-on-Chassis Buses


5.2.1 Body-on-Chassis Buses: Market Shares By Chassis Type


5.2.2 Body-on-Chassis Buses: Market Shares By Seating Capacity


5.2.3 Body-on-Chassis Buses: Market Shares By Floor Type


5.2.4 Body-on-Chassis Buses: Market Shares By Market Segments


Market Analysis



Alternative Fuel Technology


6.1.1 CNG


6.1.2 Hybrid-Electric


6.1.3 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses


6.1.4 Battery-Electric


6.1.5 Manufacturers’ Product Mix: By Fuel Type – Integral Buses


6.1.6 Market Shares: By Fuel Type – Integral Buses



Average Price



Distribution Channels


Market Dynamics & Demand Factors



New Entrants



Product Segment Exits



Acquisitions, Consolidations, Plant Expansion and Joint Ventures


Outlook 2020 – 2024


Production by Region


Key Manufacturer Data



Key Manufacturer Data: Alphabetical Order



Key Manufacturer Data: Rank Order – Units


Company Profiles (29 companies profiled)

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