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Site Preparation Equipment for Road Construction Applications in North America

Publication Date: Jun 2017

Market Size, Shares, Segmentation, Competitors, Growth, Channels, & Trends Underlying the Manufacture and Markets for Site Preparation Equipment for Road Construction


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Site preparation prior to paving a road surface involves repairing and levelling the surface that needs to be paved. This report scopes the major equipment that is used for preparation of a paving site: stabilizers/reclaimers, cold planers/milling machines, motor graders and sweepers.
Soil stabilizers/reclaimers are used during site preparation to prepare a stable base before the asphalt is placed and compacted. This process is undertaken for new pavement construction when the soil base needs strengthening and improvement. For overlays or rehabilitation of existing pavements, road reclaimers cut and pulverize the asphalt layer and mix it with the underlying base to stabilize deteriorated roadways, sometimes adding asphalt emulsions or other binding agents during the pulverization process.
Cold planers/milling machines are used to remove the top layer off an existing pavement surface to provide a relatively smooth surface for overlay. These machines are typically used to remove deteriorated pavement that is not suitable for retention in overlays, creating an even base that can be opened to traffic before being overlaid with asphalt or concrete of uniform layer thickness.
Motor graders are used instead of cold planers for rehabilitation and maintenance of gravel roads. Motor graders create a smooth, wide flat surface when the base course is dirt or gravel and the surface is badly corrugated and pitted under heavy traffic. During road construction, motor graders are used for spreading soil and flattening the surface before placement of the paving material, so the material is distributed uniformly across the surface.
Sweepers—self-propelled and truck-mounted—are used to clear milled/graded asphalt remains left behind after the milling process is complete. Sweeping helps in uniform compaction and removes excessive dust and debris that can prevent proper bonding between the asphalt and the base course.
Key aspects detailed in this report include estimation of market size, market shares by type, demand factors, trends and outlook for each segment, as well as profiles of the 27 manufacturers supplying road finishing equipment into the U.S. and Canadian markets.
This report is part of a six-part series on road construction equipment that seeks to address the needs of clients from a variety of segments, ranging from construction equipment manufacturers and large highway construction contractors to small road maintenance contractors—who are likely to be well-versed on the subject—to private equity firms and management analysts that need to understand the market from an outsider standpoint with no prior knowledge.
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