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Refrigerated Truck/Van, Trailer, Commercial Van, Container and Railcar Manufacturing in North America

Publication Date: Oct 2018
A consolidated market and competitive analysis of manufacturers/fabricators of all land-based modes of refrigerated transportation in North America


Size, Shares, Segmentation, Growth, Channels & Trends


2017 Data
Outlook & Forecast To 2022


Reefer Truck Van/Bodies
Reefer Trailers
Reefer Commercial Vans
Reefer Intermodal Containers
Refrigerated Railcars


Database covering 50+ identified suppliers broken out by vehicle/body type, with units and dollar sales and other breakouts unique to each product type/segment.

Other Highlights

  • Comprehensive coverage of the cold supply chain and convergence to meet grocery home delivery boom
  • $2 billion activity in all combined modes
  • 60,000 refrigerated units across all types
  • Size and shares fully analyzed by each type and summarized into an overview

About This Report
There has been a sea-change in transport logistics in recent years, fueled by the transition to e‑commerce orders.
Final mile and product-specific refrigerated vehicles are becoming more common in the cold supply chain. For example, refrigerated van bodies are now fabricated with multiple temperature compartments, low ground-to-floor height to enable loading and unloading by hand, and multiple doors on each side.
There is also an increasing need for smaller delivery vehicles, and conversion of commercial vans for refrigerated transportation is an infant industry slated for fast growth.
On the long-haul side, the enforcement of the mandatory electronic logging devices (ELDs), which began in December 2017, is transforming perishables transportation. This regulation is benefitting intermodal transport of perishables, which is now able to offer better transit times as compared to on-road trucks and trailers.
This unique report from SpecialtyResearch.net brings together all modes of temperature-controlled cargo transport, making it an invaluable resource for all stake holders in the cold supply chain for refrigerated transportation modes.

  1.1 Scope
  1.2 Product Types
  1.3 Market Size Estimates – Units & Dollars 2017
  1.4 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars
    1.4.1 Manufacturers: by Type
    1.4.2 Manufacturers’ Product Mix
  1.5 Market Shares: All Products
    1.5.1 Rank Order – Units
    1.5.2 Rank Order – Dollars
  1.6 Outlook 2018 – 2022
Refrigerated Trailers
  2.1 Product Types
  2.2 Market Size Estimates – Units & Dollars 2017
    2.2.1 Market Size Estimates: Historical
  2.3 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars
  2.4 Market Analysis
    2.4.1 Average Price
    2.4.2 Distribution Channels
  2.5 Market Dynamics & Demand Factors
    2.5.1 New Entrant
    2.5.2 Product & Technology
  2.6 Outlook 2018 – 2022
  2.7 Production by Region
  2.8 Key Manufacturer Data
    2.8.1 Key Manufacturer Data: Alphabetical Order
    2.8.2 Key Manufacturer Data: Rank Order – Units
Refrigerated Van Truck/Bodies
  3.1 Product Types
  3.2 Market Size Estimates – Units & Dollars 2017
    3.2.1 Market Size: By Chassis Class
    3.2.2 Market Size Estimates: Historical – 2012 – 2016
  3.3 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars
    3.3.1 Manufacturers by Type
    3.3.2 Manufacturers’ Product Mix
    3.3.3 Market Shares: All
  3.4 Market Shares: By Chassis Class
  3.5 Market Analysis
    3.5.1 Average Price
    3.5.2 Distribution Channels
  3.6 Market Dynamics & Demand Factors
  3.7 Outlook 2018 – 2022
  3.8 Production by Region
  3.9 Key Manufacturer Data
    3.9.1 Key Manufacturer Data: Alphabetical Order
    3.9.2 Key Manufacturer Data: Rank Order – Units
Refrigerated 53 ft. Intermodal Containers & Railcars
  4.1 Product Types
    4.1.1 Refrigerated Railcars
    4.1.2 Refrigerated Containers
  4.2 Market Size Estimates
    4.2.1 Market Size Estimates: Historical – Refrigerated Railcars
    4.2.2 Market Size Estimates: Historical – Refrigerated Containers
  4.3 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars
    4.3.1 Manufacturers: By Type
    4.3.2 Market Shares: All
  4.4 Market Shares: By Type
    4.4.1 Refrigerated Railcars
    4.4.2 53 ft. Refrigerated Containers
  4.5 Market Analysis
    4.5.1 Average Price
    4.5.2 Distribution Channels
  4.6 Market Dynamics & Demand Factors
    4.6.1 The Case for Rail & Intermodal
    4.6.2 The Has-Beens
    4.6.3 Technology Innovation
    4.6.4 Challenges to Rail & Intermodal
  4.7 Outlook 2018 – 2022
  4.8 Production by Region
  4.9 Key Manufacturer Data
    4.9.1 Key Manufacturer Data: Alphabetical Order
Refrigerated Commercial Vans
  5.1 Product Types
  5.2 Market Size Estimates
  5.3 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars
    5.3.1 Upfitters by Type
    5.3.2 Product Mix
    5.3.3 Market Shares: All
  5.4 Market Shares: By Van Type
    5.4.1 Full-size Vans
    5.4.2 Compact Vans
  5.5 Market Analysis
    5.5.1 Average Price
    5.5.2 Distribution Channels
  5.6 Market Dynamics & Demand Factors
  5.7 Outlook 2018 – 2022
  5.8 Production by Region
  5.9 Key Manufacturer Data
    5.9.1 Key Manufacturer Data: Alphabetical Order
    5.9.2 Key Manufacturer Data: Rank Order – Units
Manufacturer Profiles (53 companies profiled*)

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