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Passenger Mobility

Publication Date: Sep 2019
Available: October 2019

SpecialtyResearch.net is pleased to announce two forthcoming reports on passenger mobility vehicles. Both reports will be available in October 2019 and can be purchased separately or at a special two-report package price.


  1. Bus Manufacturing Industry in North America
  2. OE Passenger Van Conversion & Upfit Industry in North America

These key reports address the increasing inter-relationship and end-use commonality on the use of “body-on-chassis” buses versus OE “ready” vehicles for passenger mobility in the U.S. and Canada.


Report I – Bus Manufacturing Industry in North America

  1. Shuttle Buses – Transit & Commercial on Cutaway Chassis, Cab-on-Chassis & Rail Chassis
  2. Integral/Monocoque Buses – Transit & Commercial
  3. Motor Coaches/Intercity Buses
  4. School Buses including MFSAB – Type A, C & D

Report II – OE Passenger Van Conversion & Upfit Industry in North America

  1. Functional/vocational conversions of OE passenger vans for shuttles—hotels, church groups, van pools, tours—wheelchair and non-wheelchair accessible; public transit and private
  2. Luxury high-end conversions for upscale use—wheelchair and non-wheelchair accessible
  3. Others, including ambulances, camper/RV conversions

Extensive database and analysis on the business of fabricating traditional bus bodies, as well as the rising popularity of OE “ready-built” (“ready”) vans for conversion & upfit


For Transit, Shuttle, Paratransit, Inter-City, School Bus and Other Passenger Carrying Applications


SpecialtyResearch.net staff will be attending 2019 BusCon and Taxi, Limousine & Paratransit trade shows


About the Reports & Highlights

  • Bus manufacturing is a slow growth business with shifting demand patterns and new niches to exploit.
  • Electric buses are a given for the public sector; however the private sector is concerned about cost-benefit.
  • Advent of Euro-style OE ready-built vans is increasingly serious competition for under-15 passenger shuttle and paratransit service. Growing conversion business versus traditional bus body fabrication is driven by demand from van pools, shuttle operations and paratransit needs.
  • The van conversion business has a new lease on life with national players emerging in a highly fragmented local/regional market.
  • Bus fabricators have entered the luxury end of OE passenger van conversion in an effort for diversity growth.
  • Attractive price points for OE vans for <15 passenger capacity.
  • Market size estimates are provided by chassis type/brand and end-use applications.
  • Market size and share breakouts by fuel type and impaired-mobility access—wheelchair and low floor.
  • Excel database with detailed breakouts for all participants.


These two high-end, thoroughly researched reports will be invaluable for Strategy, Sales and Market Planning and Competitive Intelligence


Delivery & Price(s)

This project is in advanced Work-in-progress.

Publication Date for Bus Manufacturing is October 10, 2019 [post-BusCon]

Publication Date for OE Van Conversion/Upfit is October 26, 2019 [post-Taxi, Limousine Show]


Report I – Bus Manufacturing Industry in North America

Early Bird Until Oct 10, 2019    $5,000
When Published     $9,000


Report II – OE Passenger Van Conversion & Upfit Industry in North America

Early Bird Until Oct 26, 2019  $6,000
When Published   $10,000



This is a work-in-progress. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing this project.