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Light-Duty Vocational & Work Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America 2021

Publication Date: Jun 2021

2020 Data | 2021 Outlook | 5‑Year Forward Forecasts
Impact of Covid19 | 5‑Year History


Comprehensive Data and Analysis on 165 body fabricators in nine key types of Truck Bodies mounted on Light-Duty (up to Class 3) truck chassis


Report & Excel Database

Truck/Body Segments Analyzed

  1. Beverage & Vending Truck/Bodies
  2. Dump Truck/Bodies
  3. Flatbed Truck/Bodies
  4. Hoist & Carrier Truck/Bodies
  5. Service, Utility & Mechanic/Crane Truck/Bodies
  6. Street & Parking Lot Sweepers
  7. Tow & Carrier Truck/Bodies
  8. Vacuum Tank Trucks – Septic & Portable Restroom
  9. Van Truck/Bodies


  • 2020 Light-Duty Vocational Truck/Body Market Size by Segment in Units & Dollars
  • Impact of Covid-induced shutdowns and supply-chain disruptions on production and shipments by truck/body segment
  • Market Shares: Industry and by Truck/Body type: Units & Dollars
  • Geographic distribution of production
  • Key manufacturer data – revenue, employees and ownership for all manufacturers

This project is also available as a Complete Report on 18 Truck/Body segments, by medium- and heavy-duty chassis class groups, AND/OR by 18 individual Truck/Body segments.
Click on the link(s) below for information on these sections
(A) Vocational & Work Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America
Complete Report: Comprehensive Data and Analysis on 400+ body fabricators in 18 key types of chassis-mounted truck bodies
(B) By Chassis Class

  1. Medium- & Heavy‑Duty (Class 4‑7) Vocational & Work Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America
  2. Heavy‑Duty (Class 8) Vocational & Work Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America

(C) By Each of the 18 Individual Truck/Body segments available individually

  1. Beverage & Vending Truck/Bodies
  2. Concrete Mixers & Pumps
  3. Conveyor Delivery Truck/Bodies
  4. Dump Truck/Bodies
  5. Flatbed Truck/Bodies
  6. Grain Truck/Bodies
  7. Grapple Loaders
  8. Hoist & Carrier Truck/Bodies
  9. Lube Truck/Bodies
  10. Oilfield Truck/Bodies
  11. Refuse Compactors – Front, Side & Rear
  12. Service, Utility & Mechanic/Crane Truck/Bodies
  13. Street & Parking Lot Sweepers
  14. Tank Truck/Bodies – Dry & Liquid
  15. Tow & Carrier Truck/Bodies
  16. Vacuum Tank Trucks – Hydro Excavators, Vacuum Loaders & Coded Tanks
  17. Vacuum Tank Trucks – Septic & Portable Restroom
  18. Van Truck/Bodies


A.1   Scope & Method

A.2   Truck/Body Segments & Chassis Classes

B.      Executive Summary

C.      Industry Analysis

          C.1 Market Size Estimates: by (i) Segment (ii) Geography & (iii) Ownership

          C.2 Historical Market Size Estimates: Total & by Segment

          C.3 Manufacturer Count: by (i) Segment, (ii) Unit Shipments and (iii) Body Types

          C. 4 Market Share Estimates: Total, by Segment and Groups

          C. 5 Recent Developments: Acquisitions, Facility Expansions, New Products, Electric Propulsion

          C. 6 Outlook – Estimated Units: Total & by Segment – 2021 – 2025

          C. 7 Key Manufacturer Data



D.1    Service, Utility & Crane Truck/Bodies

D.2   Van Truck/Bodies

D.3   Dump Truck/Bodies

D.4   Tow & Carrier Truck/Bodies

D.5   Flatbed Truck/Bodies

D.6   Sweeper Truck/Bodies

D.7   Beverage Truck/Bodies

D.8   Vacuum Tank Truck/Bodies – Non-coded

D.9   Hoist & Carrier Truck/Bodies


Each of the 9 individual segments in PART II include the following:

          Estimated Market Size in Units & Dollars: Total

          Estimated Market Size by Sub-Types in Units & Dollars

          Estimated Market Shares (Units & Dollars) for All Manufacturers

          City, State/Province, Country for All Manufacturers

          Ownership Details for All Manufacturers


Below are the individual worksheets in the accompanying Excel APPENDIX file:

Summary: Market Size Estimates by Segment in Units & Dollars

All Units – Alpha Order: All Manufacturers: Estimated Units

All Dollars – Alpha Order: All Manufacturers: Estimated Dollars ($ Mill.)

All Units – Rank Order: All Manufacturers: Estimated Units

All Dollars – Rank Order: All Manufacturers: Estimated Dollars ($ Mill.)

Key Manufacturer Data

Historical Data by Segment: Estimated Units: 2015 – 2020

Outlook by Segment: Estimated Units: 2021 – 2025

Geography: Manufacturer Count, Estimated Units & Dollars by State/Province










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