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Global OEM Commercial Truck Production Database

Publication Date: May 2019
Comprehensive database of production and analysis by plant/location activity of major commercial truck vehicle OEMs worldwide


2018 Data, 2014-2017 History, 2019–2023 Outlook


This is a work-in-progress. We are compiling a database/analysis of global OEM production of commercial trucks, drilled down to the specific plant location of each manufacturer. Completion date is Winter 2019. If you would like more information on this project, please contact us.


About 50 major OEMs in 50+ countries operate an estimated 200 manufacturing plants, cumulatively producing 8 to 10 million units.


The database provides key breakouts of 2018 production at each plant level, by vehicle class size (tonnage); by engine type between diesel, gasoline, alternative fuels and upcoming electric vehicles—actual and planned; history, outlook, trends and related qualitative analysis.


The data will be for the base year 2018, historic years 2014-2017, and forecast for years 2019‑2023.


Key Global OE Truck Builders

  1. Agrale
  2. Ashok Leyland
  3. Autocar
  4. Automotive Industries, Ltd.
  5. Benteng Motors
  6. BMC
  7. Crane Carrier Corporation
  8. Daimler
  9. Daimler/Freightliner
  10. Dongfeng Trucks
  11. Eicher
  12. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
  13. Ford Motor Company
  14. Foton Motors
  15. GAZ
  16. General Motors
  17. Hino Motors
  18. Hyundai Motors
  19. Isuzu
  20. Iveco
  21. JAC Motors
  22. Kamaz
  23. Mahindra
  24. MAN Trucks & Buses
  25. Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks & Buses
  26. Multicar
  27. Navistar
  28. Nikola
  29. OshKosh
  30. Otokar
  31. PACCAR/Kenworth
  32. PACCAR/Leyland
  33. PACCAR/Peterbilt
  34. Pierce
  35. Roman
  36. Scania
  37. Sinotruk/MAN
  38. Sisu Auto
  39. Tata Motors
  40. Tatra
  41. Volkswagen
  42. Volvo
  43. Volvo/Mack Trucks
  44. Volvo/Renault
  45. Volvo/UD Trucks
  46. Western Star
  47. Zastava

About This Report
The majority of truck manufacturers have manufacturing or assembly plants across the globe, with locations dependent on both political and economic factors. The most important parameters for choosing to locate a manufacturing facility are availability of inputs and the logistics involved for movement of finished vehicles to their destinations. Some OEMs are also driven by the benefits that the host country provides to manufacturers.


The emergence of frontier markets and developing countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa have been magnets for new vehicle investments. Along with joint ventures and alliances between major brands to exploit these new uncharted markets, global OE truck production has been a fast-moving and changing scenario in the past few years.


This project is a vista view of the industry through development of a database and analysis that provides a distinct current picture of truck OEM activity worldwide. The database will have wide usefulness to Tier 1 and Tier II producers, as well as to the financial and management advisory professions involved in automotive investments and consultations.


Standard Contents in the Database and Analysis

  • Production by plant location/by OEM across 200+ locations
  • By class size (tonnage)—up to 2.5 tons, 2.5-5 tons, 5-15 tons, above 15 tons
  • Plant ownership details, including joint ventures
  • Plant history and current operations; host country incentives
  • Production by propulsion breakouts—diesel, gasoline, alternative fuels and upcoming electric vehicles
  • Historic production, 2014‑2017
  • Forecast production, 2019‑2023
  • Key customer destination markets—local versus exports
  • Trends—outlook, drivers, restraints, and challenges


Methodology/Differentiation/About SRN

  • Wide knowledge and long work experience in the transportation/vehicular industries
  • Highly trained analysts with U.S. corporate background mentoring
  • Significant primary research and interview experience, through trade show visits and telephone contact
  • Unique market size calculation methods tested over the years, with correlation algorithms
  • Succinct presentation focused on data and relevant analysis
  • Bottoms-up approach that provides an industry-wide database on all identified players, large and small
  • Pioneering work in vocational truck/body areas subscribed to by brand leader clientele


This is a work-in-progress. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing this project.