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Global Infotainment Systems Market for Commercial Vehicles

Publication Date: Oct 2018
Available: TBD - In Progress
Size, Segmentation, Growth, & Outlook for Infotainment Systems in Commercial Vehicle Applications


2018 Data, Recent History, 2019–2023 Outlook
Multi-Client Market Research Project




  • Comprehensive survey of global suppliers of infotainment systems and their market shares in units and dollars
  • Breakout of new vehicles by commercial vehicle OEM versus retrofit
  • Device types—audio, video and connectivity
  • Value chain from supplier to customer
  • Regional breakouts aggregated to a world view

About This Report

This project is an In-Progress study on the market and penetration of infotainment systems in commercial vehicle applications.
Due to continuing advancements in internet connectivity and GPS, the commercial vehicle (CV) segment is a singularly attractive target for connecting mobile phones to modular platforms, that not only provide entertainment but are also crucial as driver aids for navigation, safety, route planning and optimal driving for achieving fuel and maintenance economies.
The adoption of infotainment systems in commercial vehicles is growing, enabled by declining price points and widening availability in the faster growing commercial vehicle markets in developing countries. Whereas in developed countries the likelihood is mainly on first fit at the OE truck-build level, the longer life cycle of commercial vehicles in developing countries provides a solid opportunity for retrofit installation.
This project is a “bottoms up” approach based on examining virtually all manufacturers of infotainment systems for commercial vehicles and aggregating their sales and unit production into an industry-wide picture. Research methods include not only all available public domain resources, but also significant primary interview content with industry participants at trade conventions and through telephone contact. This is an extensive project requiring expert analysis into this industry and its dynamics. SRN’s long-time background in corporate business development and specific vertical industry experience in trucks/transportation provide the knowledge and expertise for this extensive endeavor on the new products being introduced in the commercial vehicle market.
This IN-PROGRESS REPORT is deliverable on a custom order-quote basis to accommodate the varying needs of commercial vehicle companies and infotainment system manufacturers. We have substantial work-in-progress at hand; this project would be initiated for further research based on advance orders. The time frame for delivery is 6 to 8 weeks. Please contact us to initiate a discussion on this project.

1 Scope
2 Market Trends – Drivers and Restraints
3 Global Market Size for Infotainment for Commercial Vehicles, Unit and Shipment, 2014-2023
4 Global Market Size by New Vehicle vs. After-sales, Unit and Shipment, 2014-2023
5 Global Market Size by Regions, Unit and Shipment, 2014-2023
6 Global Market Size for Regions by New Commercial Vehicle vs. After-sales, Unit and Shipment, 2014-2023
7 Global Market Size by Type of Infotainment
a. Audio Device, 2014-2023
b. Video Device, 2014-2023
c. Connectivity Device, 2014-2023
8 Value-Chain Analysis
9 Major Manufacturing Locations and the Benefits Offered by the Country(ies)
10 Regional Markets and by Countries, Unit and Shipments, 2014-2023
11 Regional Market Size by Type of Infotainment
a. Audio Device, 2014-2023
b. Video Device, 2014-2023
c. Connectivity Device, 2014-2023
12 Competitive Landscape and Market Shares, 2018
13 Company Profiles
14 New Innovations in the Coming Few Years