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Global Composite Manufacturing Industry for Automotive Production Supply

Publication Date: Oct 2018
Available: TBD - In Progress
Size, Growth, Segmentation & Outlook in the Supply of Composites for the World Automotive Manufacturing Industry


2018 Data, Recent History, 2019–2023 Outlook
Multi-Client Market Research Project




  • Comprehensive survey of composite suppliers and their share of world production
  • Supplier shares by automotive OEM consumption globally by broad vehicle type—sedans, SUVs, sports cars, luxury cars and other vehicles
  • External versus internal body parts/components
  • Composites by type—thermoplastic polymer, carbon fiber, thermoset polymer, glass fiber…and more
  • Regional breakouts aggregated to a world view

About This Report
This project is an In-Progress study aimed at analyzing composites suppliers and their key markets for supply of this alternative material to automotive manufacturers for their production processes.
In order to comply with government pollution control regulations, vehicle manufacturers consider composites as a suitable material to be used in automotive manufacturing. These composites are considered as the best substitutes to aluminum and steel, reducing the weight of the vehicle without any impact on the strength.
Moreover, the desire among sports vehicle owners to have a car which has the advantage over others in terms of top speed and faster acceleration, pushes the vehicle manufacturers to replace iron body parts with composites to gain the benefit of lesser weight but similar strength.
This report will focus on trends in composite consumption in the automotive sector and the various parts and components where composites are used. We also intend to study in detail the different types of vehicles and brands using composites and the underlying molding techniques.
This project is a “bottoms up” approach based on examining virtually all the composites manufactures with market shares and profiles, as well as the vehicle manufacturers they serve, aggregating the supply and demand sides into an industry-wide picture. Research methods include not only all available public domain resources, but also significant primary interview content with industry participants at trade conventions and through telephone contact. This is an extensive project requiring expert analysis into this industry and its dynamics. SRN’s long-time background in corporate business development and specific vertical industry experience in the global transportation industry provides the knowledge and expertise for this extensive endeavor on the emerging vehicular manufacturing markets in these select countries.
This IN-PROGRESS REPORT is deliverable on a custom order-quote basis to accommodate the needs of the different types of stakeholders in the industry. We have substantial work-in-progress at hand; this project would be initiated for further research based on advance orders. The time frame for delivery is 6 to 8 weeks. Please contact us to initiate a discussion on this project.

1 Scope
2 Market Trends and Factors – Drivers and Restraints
3 Technological Benefits and Advancements
4 Global Composite Requirement for the Automotive Industry (Units and Sales), 2014‑2023
5 Global Automotive Composite Requirement by Material Type (Units and Sales), 2014‑2023
a. Thermoplastic polymer
b. Carbon fiber
c. Thermoset polymer
d. Glass fiber…and more
6 Global Automotive Composite Requirement by Usage (Units and Sales), 2014‑2023
a. Exterior body parts
b. Interior body parts
c. Power train components
d. Structural assembly
e. Chassis system
f. Under-body system
g. Pressure vessels…and more
7 Global Automotive Composite Requirements by Type of Car (Units and Sales), 2014‑2023
a. Sports cars
b. Luxury cars
c. Other vehicles
8 Regional Breakdowns by Major Countries (Units and Sales), 2014‑2023
a. Composite requirement by material type
b. Composite requirement by usage
c. Composite requirement by type of vehicle
9 Pricing Analysis of Using Different Types of Composites
10 Supply Chain Analysis
11 Future Involvement of Composites for Commercial Vehicles
12 Market Share and Competitive Landscape
13 Company Profiles