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The Emerging Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing Market in Czech Republic, Morocco and Vietnam

Publication Date: Oct 2018
Available: TBD - In Progress
Comprehensive Database and Analysis of Automobile and Commercial Vehicle Production and the Tier I and II Supply Chain in Three Fast Developing Emerging Producer Countries


2018 Data, Recent History, 2019–2023 Outlook


Multi-Client Market Research Project [On-Order basis]


  • Czech Republic, Morocco and Vietnam are three select countries that stand apart for their growing attraction by global automotive manufacturers.
  • Favorable political climates and economic incentives in each country are growth drivers, along with rising middle class.
  • Each country is seeking to be regionally dominant in automobile production.

Research Program

  • SpecialtyResearch.net (“SRN”) has the knowledge and competence in providing this project by reason of assignments carried out by SRN analysts specializing in this industry. We have substantial work-in-progress at hand.
  • This project is deliverable on a custom order-quote basis with a 6 to 8 weeks’ time frame for delivery.

About This Report
For global automobile manufacturers, finding and penetrating new markets is crucial to future growth. Tariff wars and import-export regulations have made it incumbent on major automotive companies to look for new locations for the manufacture of both cars and commercial vehicles.
The three countries slated for study in this project exemplify the future trajectory of emergent market opportunities. Morocco is competing head-on with South Africa to become Africa’s leading producer. The Czech Republic has already become a regional hub for the world’s important producers. Vietnam has continually eased regulations and is providing incentives to attract investment.
This report will quantify the production of automobiles and commercial vehicles in each country by vehicle type, plant location, capacity and volume history. The key Tier I and Tier II supplier shares in each OEM’s production will be highlighted. The analysis portion of the report will focus on political and economic considerations from the government, country growth dynamics and overall trends. From these evaluations, an overview will be presented on forecast and future opportunities in each country.
This project is a “bottoms up” approach based on examining virtually all industry participants in Czech Republic, Morocco and Vietnam and aggregating their sales and unit production into an industry-wide picture. Research methods include not only all available public domain resources, but also significant primary interview content with industry participants at trade conventions and through telephone contact. This is an extensive project requiring expert analysis into this industry and its dynamics. SRN’s long-time background in corporate business development and specific vertical industry experience in trucks/transportation provide the knowledge and expertise for this extensive endeavor on the emerging vehicular manufacturing markets in these select&nbspcountries.
This project is deliverable on a custom order-quote basis to accommodate the varying needs of Tier I and Tier II suppliers to the OEMs. The time frame for delivery is 6 to 8 weeks. Please contact us to initiate a discussion on this project.

Standard Contents for each country (Czech Republic / Morocco / Vietnam)

  1. Scope
  2. Market trends – drivers and restraints
  3. Availability of human resources and their cost
  4. Import-export regulations with other major nearby countries
  5. Benefits from the country government
  6. Competitive landscape with neighboring countries
  7. PEST Analysis of the country
  8. Major automotive companies’ manufacturing presence
  9. Production capacity (every plant), 2014‑2023
  10. Actual production (every plant), 2014‑2023
  11. Production share of each vehicle type, by plant, 2014‑2023
  12. Interview excerpts with the government representative of the country
  13. Tier I and Tier II supplier shares and forecasts
  14. Profiles of major automotive companies in the country