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Class 8 Heavy-Duty Vocational Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America

Publication Date: Oct 2017
Market Size, Shares, Segmentation, Competitors, Growth, Channels & Trends Underlying the Manufacture and Markets for Class 8 Vocational/Straight Truck Bodies


2017 Data
2018 – 2022 Outlook


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Separately by Sections (Summary, Analysis, Data [Excel] Tables)


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Report Highlights

  1. Analysis of a $4 billion industry for Class 8 vocational truck/body applications
  2. $10 billion+ total industry value of Class 8 vocational complete truck
  3. 410 fabricators of Class 8 mounted vocational/straight truck bodies
  4. 17 key end-use application segments with 40+ product types
  5. Comprehensive market size & share estimates in units & dollars

Whereas there are only a handful of heavy truck chassis manufacturers, the outcome of the vocational use of final vehicles rests in the hands of scores of small to large body fabricators in North America. These range from one-segment specialists to larger corporations that cover more than one type of heavy truck body.
Increasingly the larger players see their capabilities in any one segment as being applicable for diversification into additional body types. For example, van body manufacturers see service truck bodies as a contiguous area for expansion. Further, traditional truck trailer manufacturers are flexing their muscles by moving into truck body production, having finally figured that they must do so to counteract a mature trailer segment with participation in “Last Mile” vehicles.
The vocational/straight truck segment accounts for a quarter to a third of the total Class 8 category in North America, and in recent years has performed better than the tractor segment. All 410 companies included in this report manufacture bodies suitable for mounting on Class 8 heavy-duty straight/vocational truck chassis. They may also make bodies mounted on lower GVWR chassis, or in trailer-mounted or self-propelled configurations, but only the production of Class 8-suitable bodies are included in this study.
SpecialtyResearch.net has pioneered independent study of various body fabrication areas, long neglected for analysis in understanding the final vocational truck. This report provides a vista view of the heavy-duty Class 8 segment of the industry, from the standpoint of where the truck chassis is applied in the delivery chain from truck manufacturer to body fabricator to final customer.
Class 8 Vocational Truck/Body Application Segments Analyzed

  1. Aerial Reach Truck/Bodies
  2. Concrete Mixer & Pump Truck/BodiesFront & Rear Discharge Mixers, Pump Trucks, Volumetric Mixers
  3. Conveyor Delivery Truck/Bodies, including Stone Slingers & Seed/Fertilizer Tenders
  4. Drilling Equipment  Digger Derricks & Drill Rigs
  5. Dump Truck/Bodies, including Chipper & Grain Bodies
  6. Fire Truck/BodiesAerial Ladder & Platforms, Pumpers, Rescue, Tankers
  7. Flatbed Truck/Bodies
  8. Grapple Loader Truck/Bodies
  9. Hoist & Carrier Truck/Bodies
  10. Lube Truck/Bodies
  11. Oilfield Truck/Bodies
  12. Refuse Truck/BodiesRear, Front & Side Loaders
  13. Road Construction & Maintenance Truck/BodiesAsphalt Distributors & Patchers
  14. Tank Truck/BodiesBulk Feed, Aviation Refuelers, LPG Bobtails, Refined Fuel & Water Tanks
  15. Telescopic Boom Truck Cranes
  16. Tow & Carrier Truck/Bodies
  17. Vacuum Tank Truck/BodiesHydro Excavators, Industrial Vacuum Loaders, Sewer Cleaners, Coded & Septic/Non-Coded Vacuum Tanks

This project is a “bottoms up” approach based on examining virtually all industry participants in North America and aggregating their sales and unit production into an industry-wide picture. Research methods include not only all available public domain resources, but also significant primary interview content with industry participants at trade conventions and through telephone contact. This is an extensive project requiring expert analysis into this industry and its dynamics. STN’s long-time background in corporate business development and specific vertical industry experience in trucks/transportation provide the knowledge and expertise for this extensive project, which is not available elsewhere as a comprehensive market research project on the subject of Class 8 vocational trucks.
In addition to the full report, other sections are available separately. Click on the link(s) below for information on these sections.

Part I: Summary Summary tables in PDF format @ $4,000
Part II: Analysis  Comprehensive quantification and market/business analysis for each of the 17 segments @ $5,000
Part III: Data Tables  Excel spreadsheets with data on over 400 companies for ready inputs and amendments @ $3,000

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— Vocational Segment Leader, engine manufacturer

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— Forecast Analyst, major component manufacturer

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Standard Table of Contents for Each Segment:

1 Scope
2 Product Types
3 Market Size Estimates: Units & Dollars 2017
4 Market Shares: Competitive Analysis in Units & Dollars
4.1 Manufacturers by Type
4.2 Manufacturers’ Product Mix
  4.3 Market Shares: All Products
5 Market Shares by Type
6 Market Analysis
  6.1 Average Price
  6.2 Distribution Channels
7 Market Dynamics & Demand Factors
8 Outlook – 2018 – 2022
9 Production by Region
10 Key Manufacturer Data

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