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Aerial Work Platform/Bucket Truck Manufacturing in North America

Publication Date: Nov 2021
Competitive Shares, Trends & Outlook



18 manufacturers analyzed and aggregated into an analytical framework to define a $997 million business in North America.


Includes Excel data tables!

This report presents competitive analysis of manufacturers engaged in fabrication of truck chassis-mounted equipment used to access work areas at heights or below grade—aerial buckets and bridge inspection platforms—in the United States and Canada. Also included are chassis class breakouts of shipments and market size, competitive shares, market dynamics, and five-year outlook.
The aerial bucket segment has a mix of very large and small players, with small manufacturers focused on local markets and usually a specific type of equipment. Leading manufacturers dominate the aerial bucket segment, with the three leading players accounting for 74% of unit shipments and 69% of dollar value of sales. Most large manufacturers supply equipment worldwide. Barriers to entry are high, as existing manufacturers are deeply entrenched with well-established brands. Municipalities and utility companies are the main buyer segments for aerial bucket trucks.
Manufacture of bridge inspection platforms is a niche business with only a handful of manufacturers; the largest manufacturer accounts for an estimated 42% of the market. Primary customer segments for bridge inspection trucks are government agencies that undertake bridge inspection, including state, county and municipal agencies and quasi-government agencies, such as state bridge and turnpike authorities, Departments of Transportation, etc.
These and other topics are the subject of this report from SpecialtyResearch.net (“SRN”). The report can be put to immediate use for sales and market planning, M&A identification, competitive share analysis, alliances and technology transfer considerations.
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A.1 Scope & Method
A.2 Product Types
A.3 Chassis Class
B. Market Size Estimates
C. Market Share Estimates
D. Market Dynamics
E. Recent Developments
F. Outlook – 2022-2026
G. Key Manufacturer Data


Below are the individual worksheets in the accompanying Excel file:


Summary: Market Size Estimates in Units & Dollars by Product Type
Market Size – By Chassis: Estimated Units & Dollars
Market Shares – All Manufacturers: Estimated Units & Dollars
Market Shares – By Type: All Manufacturers: Estimated Units & Dollars
Market Shares – Aerial Bucket Trucks: All Manufacturers: Estimated Units & Dollars
Market Shares – Bridge Inspection Platforms: All Manufacturers: Estimated Units & Dollars
Market Shares – By Chassis: Estimated Units & Dollars by Chassis Class
Key Manufacturer Data: All Manufacturers. City, State/Province, Country, Total Employees & Revenue, Ownership
Historical Data: Estimated Units 2016 – 2020
Outlook: Estimated Units 2022 – 2026

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