MODESTO, CALIFORNIA (October 25, 2010) — The North American market for refuse trucks is the subject of an updated report from market research consulting and business publications firm,

This edition updates SVN’s previous analysis of the refuse and recycling truck market. The report examines the market and manufacture of front-loading, automated side-loading, manual/semi-automated side-loading, and rear-loading refuse trucks, as well as recycling truck bodies. The research breaks out unit and value estimates of production in the North American market, and looks at the competitive picture with reference to market shares and company positioning.

Twenty manufacturers are profiled, with discussion on the current state of the market, product categories, industry structure and future outlook. The report is structured into easy-to-read tables and charts on industry aggregates, production and revenue numbers by company and leadership positions across product categories.

Findings of the report include:

  • Although local governments and municipalities have been hampered by shrinking budgets, and private waste haulers have cut back on capital expenditures, the refuse truck industry has not witnessed a significant decline in demand. While 2009 saw some decline, the outlook remains positive for 2010 and beyond.
  • Replacement of ageing equipment is currently the primary demand driver. Due to the current downturn in new housing construction, demand for equipment to service new routes is not a major factor at this time.
  • Refuse trucks powered by alternative fuels are generating a lot of interest, and it is expected that such trucks will increasingly replace the ageing fleet of diesel-powered vehicles.
  • The automated side loader is growing in popularity and has gained share over the last few years. Its higher initial cost is mitigated by lower labor costs and greater efficiencies in covering longer routes in shorter times.

The 60-page focus report is titled “The Refuse Truck Industry in North America: Size, Segmentation, Competition, Growth and Trends Underlying the Manufacture and Market of Front, Rear and Side Loader Refuse Trucks and Recycling Trucks in North America.”

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