Modesto, Calif., May 10, 2019 — A new market research report by SpecialtyResearch.net examines the manufacture of lowbed/heavy haul trailer fabrication in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Over sixteen thousand units were manufactured by 87 companies in the USMCA (ex-NAFTA) market in 2018, for a combined annual output of $1.1 billion. This industry is categorized by several regionally focused manufacturers who compete successfully mainly because of product customization and transportation costs. A significant number of these trailers are custom manufactured exclusively for the oil and gas industry. Mexican manufacturers have increased their participation in recent years, indicating that their favorable price point is assisting in market share gains.

The report, titled Lowbed/Heavy Haul Trailer Manufacturing in North America, examines the key types of lowbed trailers (fixed neck, detachable gooseneck and folding/scissor neck configurations) and oilfield floats.

Forecasting the outlook to 2023, demand for lowbed/heavy haul trailers is projected to grow moderately through 2020, with replacement demand expected to be the main demand driver after 2019. The construction industry is the main customer segment for lowbed trailers.

Demand for these trailers is driven largely by an increase in home construction and infrastructure projects; total construction starts in 2019 are expected to remain flat over 2018.

A significant number of companies manufacture lowbed trailers designed specifically for the oil and gas industry, a segment whose fortunes are closely linked to crude oil prices.

Lowbed/Heavy Haul Trailer Manufacturing in North America is part of series of over 30 reports on individual segments of the trailer and vocational truck manufacturing activity in North America available from SpecialtyResearch.net.

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