MODESTO, CALIFORNIA (May 31, 2010) — The world market for aircraft towing tractors is the subject of a new report from market research consulting and business publications firm,

Aircraft towing tractors are an important part of the airport ground support equipment industry. The manufacture of this equipment is dominated by major international companies based in Europe and North America, with manufacturing in Asia presently at a nascent stage. However, the industry is now witnessing a growing trend toward joint ventures, in which technology is provided by the North American or European partner and manufacturing undertaken in Asia.

This new focus report from SVN looks at market characteristics such as industry size (by value and by volume), towing capacities, and future product outlook, including key product/technological innovations. The project involved examination of nearly one-hundred companies in virtually all countries in North America and Europe, along with the wwweloped and emerging economies in the Asia Pacific region, to arrive at a final list of 39 identifiable players that are bona fide manufacturers of towbarless and conventional towbar aircraft towing tractors.

Findings of the report include:

  • Increasingly stringent emissions standards have been fueling demand for alternate fuel engines. However diesel remains the preferred choice and currently 80% of aircraft towing tractors are diesel-powered.
  • Conventional (towbar) tractors account for about 70% of total production. The top five producers of conventional tractors have an estimated production market share of 50% in that segment, whereas the top five manufacturers in the towbarless segment account for 81% of towbarless unit production.
  • Medium-duty towbarless tugs are the largest application segment by value, with nearly 25% share of total global sales, whereas light-duty towbar tugs are the largest segment by volume, with about 35% of annual production.

The 42-page focus report is titled “World Aircraft Towing Tractor Industry 2009: Size, segmentation, competition, growth and trends underlying the manufacture and market of aircraft towing tractors worldwide.” Further information is available at SVN’s website or by calling 209-576-8021. provides proprietary market information through interviews, research, and surveys, and performs business analysis for global OE vehicular, body, engine, equipment, trailer, component and related industries.