Mergers & Acquisitions

Since we are analysts first and not “brokers,” we work both the Buy side and Sell side with equal competence.


We provide this service mainly to large corporate clients and private equity firms that are seeking to acquire privately owned companies.

We do everything from initial conception of an acquisition strategy through to developing a target database, followed by contact, discussion, inquiry, consummation and Board presentations and proposals.

The extensive analytical work we do for our own publications, aided by a vast proprietary database of the North American specialty vehicle markets, provides a running start for partnering for M & A work.

Relative to hiring, say, a very expensive investment bank at the outset, many of our clients have found that it makes sense to get the short list identification and contact work done by a specialist management consultancy that already has familiarity with the industry.

The advantage of an industry specialist like SRN is a no-brainer for M & A research and targeting.


Smaller clients—typically defined as mid-market privately owned firms of around $2.5 million to $100 million sales—can use our extensive experience to assist in the sale of their companies to large corporate or equity buyers. Many small company owners are confused when attempting to deal with well-heeled and experienced buyers. At SRN we “know the ropes” on how to get the best deal and terms from selling out to large corporations and private equity buyers, who often pay a premium to be able to expand strategically.

Strategic buyers tend to pay for value based on future prospects, and the interface with them is likely to result in the best outcome for owners of small companies.

It’s a big decision to sell, and not just a financial one. SRN has the experience and understanding to guide private owners through the process, from initial decision through to valuing the business and finding the right strategic buyer. Because we have the advantage of in-depth industry knowledge, we can provide expert guidance in finding buyers that best fit the profile sought by the seller.

Mergers & Acquisitions Accomplishments