Light and Medium Duty Trailers in the United States: Market Assessment

Car Haulers, Deckovers, Equipment Trailers, Flatbed Trailers
Market Assessment 2017 – 2021


This project addressed the client’s information requirements regarding the open trailer market in the United States:

  • Five-year historical market size – all flats and by trailer type (car haulers, deckovers, equipment trailers and flatbed trailers)
  • Change in the trailer product mix over this five-year period
  • Identification of product types which drove growth over this period, defined by key attributes: trailer length, type, hitch type, material used in construction, and price
  • Identification of participants by product type
  • Estimate of competitive shares – overall and by trailer type
  • Focus on leading manufacturers – product mix offerings, history, growth, sales by key attributes
  • Geographical distribution – trailer registrations and manufacturers

The only way to get historical numbers on each product and by manufacturer is from state by state registrations. This data was sourced from a third-party specialist company that compiles these registrations. A “first cut” number of 600 open trailer manufacturers was provided by this company.

A deeper dive into the data purchased from this company was required to pin down the exact products requested by the client, because the data included all “open trailers” and the client’s interest was only in a particular subset of this data. The purchased information was utilized as a first step, but required further exploration to expand upon and verify company information for a meaningful report that would go to the target objectives of the client.

Therefore, using the specific products and configurations of interest to the client, the number of manufacturers was reduced first to 100+, and then, by continually refining criteria, to identify 15 – 20 potential acquisition targets.

For the identified industry participants, information included market size in units and dollars by manufacturer, by product type, by GVWR, and by hitch types, as well as their competitive positions. The assessment also included the current state of the market, outlook and forecast, growth and demand drivers, and plans going forward.