By Brij Madan, Company Founder is proud to have an extensive body of work that is reflected in our wide credentials accumulated in well over 30 years of experience.

During this time I have carried, out, managed or overseen scores of projects in all areas of Business Development from “straight” market intelligence to complex strategy formulation, to scouting and spearheading bolt-on acquisitions.

I feel the basic skill in any kind of business planning is the ability to have the best information and apply this is in live corporate situations.

Many companies in the market information industry simply put together compendiums of information but with little reference to their applicability for senior executive needs. The “report writers” are most often not from a corporate work or consulting background where they would have done presentations at senior executive level.

I attempt to train all analysts to orientate their report writing to the requirements of busy executives who need to understand the essence of the subject in short order. Increasingly we are focusing on succinct analysis that focuses on data, rather than long “essays”. We are also implementing presentations in PowerPoint.

SRN also is determined to be a specialist in only those industry subjects in which we have knowledge and expertise by reason of prior work. Most of our peer group tackle every subject from motor oils to hair oils, and it is a stretch of the imagination to figure out how they can claim competence in every subject under the sun as “full-line” publishers.

The credentials of SRN presented here are by way of examples of consultancy assignments done, unsolicited testimonials, merger/acquisition projects and a listing of the numerous brand name clients served across the world during many years of endeavor in this line of work.

We are particularly gratified that we never ask for testimonials and all are completely unsolicited. Executive and company names can, of course, be provided on request.

Clients & Testimonials