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  • …our team here…has really enjoyed using multiple reports that you provide year over year. It’s really helped us across multiple efforts.
    Manager, major accounting and consulting firm

  • Again, thank you [SRN Staff] for the excellent, valuable report you’ve provided.
    CFO, trailer manufacturer

  • We have the Van Bodies report and are very happy with it. I’m very excited to get this [cargo van upfit] data, too…The first set was great and confirmed a lot of assumptions we’re using.
    Director of Project Management, fleet safety products

  • Thanks again, Brij, for you and your team’s tireless work on our Survey. It is very helpful to us.
    President & CEO, equipment manufacturer

  • Thank you for all the support during this important project for [our company]. It was also a pleasure to work with your very professional and innovative team…will be taking this information and driving our strategy for the future…
    President & CEO, equipment manufacturer

  • Excellent and professional service.
    CFO, vocational truck manufacturer

  • Brij, really nicely done on this project. We won’t hesitate to recommend Specialty Research for other situations.
    Managing Director, financial advisory firm

  • Thank you for putting together an extremely helpful report.
    Vice President, financial advisory firm

  • The report is certainly very helpful and I want [our company] to continue purchasing it.
    Marketing Manager, heavy-duty truck manufacturer

  • The download was easy and the info was great.
    President, trailer manufacturer

  • Our Chairman was impressed with your report…
    Vice President, vocational truck manufacturer

  • We are enjoying our Class 8 and our Class 4-7 research. It certainly has proven to be helpful.
    Chief Operating Officer, specialty truck and equipment provider

  • Thank you for sending these links for the…report. This is very helpful. I appreciated all the help along the way.
    Senior Associate, strategic consultancy firm

  • We very much value and enjoy our relationship and your reports…As always, it is a pleasure doing business with you (you are a valued resource).
    Forecast Analyst, major component supplier

  • Thank you and your company for the great work that you do for all of us.
    Vice President of Sales, heavy-duty component manufacturer

  • It’s a pleasure working with you and team…and looking forward to continuing to work together.
    Business Intelligence Manager, specialty vehicle manufacturer

  • I want you to know that your work is important to me, and I appreciate the level of effort it requires to put together such good market reports. I use your reports in one way or another every single day, so thank you for your services.
    Business Development Manager, truck/trailer manufacturer

  • I heard today that you will be releasing an updated Truck Body Manufacturing Study. We bought this study in 2012 and found it very useful. If you have any info you can send me on the cost and expected publication date I would appreciate it.
    Research Analyst, major component manufacturer

  • [Your] heavy duty industry research has been invaluable in [our company’s] marketing and planning.
    General Manager, filtration company

  • An excellent reference for targeting expansion of our component sales to [OEMs]– a very good value.
    General Manager, air dryer manufacturer

  • I am impressed with your heavy duty OEM report and anticipate its being a great resource.
    Marketing Manager, controls company

  • The [diesel] directory was received last week. It looks like it will be very useful.
    Sales Manager, heater manufacturer

  • Thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided with the diesel OEMs and helping get the computer side right.
    Editor, trade journal

  • I am impressed with the quality of your study work.
    Marketing Manager, brake manufacturer

  • Reports by your company are of great use, your special report is our prime source of information on this market.
    Marketing Manager, transportation equipment manufacturer

  • We would like to use information from your study on a bond issue with the Securities Exchange Commission.
    Marketing Manager, truck and bus body manufacturer

  • There’s a little bit of Sherlock Holmes involved–finding out what’s really going on rather than the puff and pageantry.
    President, filtration company

  • Thank you…for taking the time…to address the members of the Automotive Market Research Council…Your presentation sparked a lot of interest and I have had several requests for a copy of your presentation.
    Market Research Coordinator, major chassis manufacturer

  • [Your]…research has been invaluable in [our company’s] marketing and planning.
    Division General Manager, major vehicular filtration group

  • I am always pleased with the quality of your work, and if you think of other ways we can work together, let me know.
    President, major filtration group

  • Your letter concerning [your client’s] interest in purchasing…I appreciate your open straightforward approach.
    Leading wire cloth manufacturer

  • Owners were intrigued by the openness of your approach…
    Custom filter manufacturer

  • Your report on Liquid Filters was a thorough review of the market…I commend you on a comprehensive report and sincerely appreciate its value.
    Corporate consultant

  • I think your report was very good…
    CEO, filtration company

  • …skill and professionalism throughout the entire process helped us to complete this [acquisition] transaction efficiently and speedily.
    International Group CEO, leading filtration group

  • [Company] President is elated with…Madan’s efforts for his company.
    President, filtration company

  • We are using the first two modules EXTENSIVELY! Great information and thorough as usual!
    Marketing Manager, truck and bus body manufacturer

  • I am using your study in my 2002 Plan for our corporate.
    President, truck body manufacturer

  • Thanks for sending the confidential business description for [your client]. You certainly did a thorough and professional job with that document.
    Principal, equity advisory firm

  • The reports have been useful references for our understanding of the specific markets, as very little literature is available for these very specialized segments.
    Far East Client

  • Our internal clients…are very pleased with your Bus & Coach Manufacturing in North America report.
    Business Intelligence Manager, commercial vehicle manufacturer

  • A while back I purchased from you a report on bus that we really liked. Now we are looking for a similar report on mobility vans.
    Business Intelligence Analyst, specialty vehicle manufacturer

  • Thank you so much for your support and work so far. We like the [Class 8 heavy duty] report quite a lot.
    Vocational Segment Leader, engine manufacturer

  • Folks here are using the Class 8 Heavy-Duty Vocational Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America quite extensively and we are very pleased with the product.
    Forecast Analyst, major component manufacturer

  • Could I please have a sales person contact me to discuss purchase of your reports? We bought one in 2014/2015 and found it very helpful. We are in need of additional data and want to find out if you have the report(s) we need.
    President, major component manufacturer

  • We just received your Medium Duty report and are really excited about it. Our teams had been waiting for it for a while and the broad numbers look really good.
    Vocational Segment Leader, engine manufacturer

  • (…) recommended you and your past report was great.
    — leading fiberglass component manufacturer.

  • The study is exactly what I need. Thanks
    — leading Canadian lowbed/heavy-haul trailer manufacturer.

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