• Method-wise, an SRN report is a product of both primary and secondary research. Primary sources include management interviews of company personnel at manufacturers and distributors. Secondary sources include SRN’s proprietary research, multiple databases and deep internet mining, covering news items and publications at the local city/county level, trade publications, job postings, social media postings, and government-body published lists of employers by city/state.
  • Private company information on small enterprises is rarely available in the public domain. Accordingly, in addition to primary interview solicitations, SRN applies an algorithm-based combination of sales, employee numbers, growth rates and median pricing. Adjustments are then made from a “sense and feel” for what the unit and dollar sales ought to be on the basis of product mix, per employee contributions and peer group comparisons, amongst other key parameters.
  • Size estimates refer to manufacturers’ production volumes and values, based on their factory production-cum-sales indications found through interviews and public domain sources. Production share is not always synonymous with “market share.”
  • Information on product mix details, product configurations, models offered and specifications are current at the time of going to print, and may change or have changed subsequently.
  • Product sales have been estimated by taking into account historical product mix percentages adjusted for current market environment.
  • North American exports include information on manufacturers and value of production in the United States and Canada. Imported units are currently not part of these studies, unless specified otherwise. Where a multinational company has a manufacturing facility or a pass-through facility in North America, such production has been included. Mexican production has been increasingly added to SRN’s report offerings.
  • All sales are in millions of dollars, unless stated otherwise. Some financial data includes the effect of rounding, and may vary from the sum of individual items due to rounding.

Keeping in view the above, in the event plausible changes are required, arising out of corrections, cross-verifications, or any other changes on content, additions or deletions, SRN will respond accordingly. However, market research estimation is an inexact science and SRN is not responsible or accountable for any omissions, errors or shortcomings in its research studies, and for any related consequences arising therefrom.