• SpecialtyResearch.net (SRN) is a market research firm that provides information on select markets through proprietary publications and customized business consulting.
  • Over 35 years of analytical and corporate work credentials in this endeavor for developing competitive intelligence, strategic intelligence and market intelligence.
  • SRN’s work is focused in only those specific areas in the Transportation/Vehicular, Mobility and Logistics Industries in which there is long-standing knowledge, deep expertise and global work experience amongst the highly skilled staff and associates of the firm. more

Specialized Analysis By Industry Specialists

[Your]…research has been invaluable in [our company’s] marketing and planning.
—Division General Manager, major vehicular filtration group

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Truck Equipment Distributors & Upfitters Database – North America


Online searchable database of 830 distributors covering 450 truck body/equipment brands of 31 body/equipment types.

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Refuse Truck Manufacturing & Markets in South America

A breakthrough report on the manufacture & markets for refuse compactor truck bodies in South America. Competitive data on 23 refuse compactor body fabricators in six countries.

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Cargo Van Upfit Equipment & Installation Services in North America

Market Size, Shares, Segmentation, Competitors, Growth, Channels & Trends. 2019 Analysis and 2020 – 2024 Outlook. Upfit Equipment Manufacture & Upfit/Installation Services

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Published Reports

Off-the-shelf ready availability of a range of published market reports, databases and directories on selected titles in our focus areas…


Consulting Services

Tailored programs covering client-specific needs for market planning, strategic plans and M&A databases and screening for ‘bolt-on’ acquisitions…


Multi-Client Proposals

Extensive market research investigations on domestic and global markets are pre-proposed on high-load projects requiring engagement of multiple analysts…


Competitive Intelligence

Collect and review information on peer group for strategic tactics, SWOT, product positioning, benchmarking— with targeted surveys and expert interviews…


“Voice of Customer” (VOC) Surveys

Check on both users and distributor/dealer customers; expert interviews on experiences, expectations, degree of satisfaction and sales leads…


Geographic Market Potential

Estimates of total market potential by metro area, county, city, to focus resources on key areas and optimize sales effort allocation…