• SpecialtyResearch.net (SRN) is a market research firm that provides information on select markets through customized business consulting and proprietary publications.
  • Over 30 years of analytical and corporate work credentials in this endeavor for developing competitive intelligence, strategic intelligence and market intelligence.
  • SRN’s work is focused in only those specific areas in the Transportation/Vehicular, Mobility and Logistics Industries in which there is long-standing knowledge, deep expertise and global work experience amongst the highly skilled staff and associates of the firm. more

Specialized Analysis By Industry Specialists

[Your]…research has been invaluable in [our company’s] marketing and planning.
—Division General Manager, major vehicular filtration group

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Vocational & Work Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America 2021

An invaluable database and analysis of 18 key types of truck bodies for mounting on chassis to define the final end-use application of vocational and work trucks. 2020 Data, 2021 Outlook, 5-Year Forward Forecasts, Impact of Covid19, 5-Year History,

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Van Truck/Body Manufacturing in North America 2020

Market Size, Competitive Shares, Segmentation, Trends, Demand Drivers & Outlook in the Fabrication of Van Bodies for Mounting on Truck Chassis of All Sizes

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